Grape schedule

We aim to update this page so that at least the next four week’s grapes are known, so you can pick them up in plenty of time to join in.

Week W/C Grape Tasting Notes Buying guide
1 01-Jan-2018 Tempranillo Tasting Notes Head to the Spanish Red section of the wine shop. Then try to locate a Rioja Crianza or Reserva. If you check the back label try to see that Tempranillo is the top grape listed in the blend. Alternatively a Ribera del Duero Spanish red should be almost 100% of that grape.
2 08-Jan-2018 Viognier Tasting Notes We’re going to taste a Viognier from the South of France. So ideally look for one from that region too. Or another relatively cool climate one from Chile or New Zealand; rather than Australia or California.
3 15-Jan-2018 Shiraz Tasting Notes This week it’s a Barossa Shiraz, the classic Australian version. So try to find a similar Oz version, ideally from that region or McLaren Vale.
4 22-Jan-2018 Riesling Tasting Notes We’re going to try a dry new world Riesling. Ideally find an Australian from Clare or Eden Valley. If not, South Africa or USA Washington Estate would be good alternatives.
5 29-Jan-2018 Primitivo (Zinfandel) Tasting Notes Head to the North American section and find a Californian Zinfandel. Note this is a red wine, don’t get the pink “White Zin”, as you’ll regret it.
6 05-Feb-2018 Garnacha (Grenache) Tasting Notes We’re off to Spain this week, to try an old vine Garnacha, which is what they call Grenache. Head to the Spanish reds and look for one from the Calatayud or Carinena regions.
7 12-Feb-2018 Pinot Gris (Pinot Grigio) Tasting Notes Go to the French section of the white wine aisle and keep an eye out for Pinot Gris. I know that we are mostly buying from major supermarkets and this is a lesser found style. If you can’t get that, Oregon Pinot Gris is a good second best. Lastly, head to the New Zealand section.
8 19-Feb-2018
9 26-Feb-2018
10 05-Mar-2018
11 12-Mar-2018
12 19-Mar-2018
13 26-Mar-2018
14 02-Apr-2018
15 09-Apr-2018
16 16-Apr-2018
17 23-Apr-2018
18 30-Apr-2018
19 07-May-2018
20 14-May-2018
21 21-May-2018
22 28-May-2018
23 04-Jun-2018
24 11-Jun-2018
25 18-Jun-2018
26 25-Jun-2018
27 02-Jul-2018
28 09-Jul-2018
29 16-Jul-2018
30 23-Jul-2018
31 30-Jul-2018
32 06-Aug-2018
33 13-Aug-2018
34 20-Aug-2018
35 27-Aug-2018
36 03-Sep-2018
37 10-Sep-2018
38 17-Sep-2018
39 24-Sep-2018
40 01-Oct-2018
41 08-Oct-2018
42 15-Oct-2018
43 22-Oct-2018
44 29-Oct-2018
45 05-Nov-2018
46 12-Nov-2018
47 19-Nov-2018
48 26-Nov-2018
49 03-Dec-2018
50 10-Dec-2018
51 17-Dec-2018
52 24-Dec-2018

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  1. Right, chop chop, let’s get stuck into Tempranillo then. Smooth, a bit earthy, and if you’re in a supermarket beginning with A then there’s a pallet of the stuff with a yellow label in the way when you go in.
    Or you can go for summat a bit more impressive – I got La Rioja Alta 904 for Christmas.

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