White grapeAlbarino is a Spanish grape, also called Alvarinho in Portugal. In Spain it has reached the height of fashion as the perfect aperitif wine to serve as a thirst quenching white on the sunny terrace of a wine bar. It comes from the cooler and quite rainy region of Galicia in North West Spain, which gives the conditions to produce this lifted aromatic and fresh style of wine. For lovers of aromatic grapes like Sauvignon, with their herbal and zesty flavours, this is a great alternative.

Just over the border in Portugal it can be used in their Vinho Verde white which is typically lower in alcohol and has a slight spritz. These styles are slightly more delicate and a great style when you are looking for light, refreshing white.

Top Albarinos can also be quite complex, the aromas can take on a smoky gun flint note and some more saline flavours on the palate that can combine with the limey peachy fruit to be intricate and complex.

Typical aromas are honeysuckle, lime and sometimes kerosene with age. On the palate there is refreshing acidity, zesty lime, ripe peach, grapefruit and a touch of salinity.

The Facts

A grape with high levels of terpenes and thiols that produce the bright perfume characters with herbal notes. Winemaking styles differ. Those that use lees stirring during maturation give more texture and sweeter note to the mid palate. Rarely oaked because the flavours can fight with the aromatic character.


Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Verdejo, Verdelho, Grasevina

Classic Regions

Spain: Rias Biaxas (Galicia)

Portugal: Vinho Verde

Australia: South Australia

Uruguay: Garzon

Food Matches

Prawns or shellfish, crab salad, quesadilla, goats cheese salad, roasted root vegetables