White grapeYou might have struggled to find this grape, so if you have, I hope it will prove worthwhile. I still remember the first time I tried Falanghina because it is such a distinct experience. It is full bodied for a white wine, with an interesting array of flavours. The scent can have an orange blossom character, then on the palate there are richer mandarin flavours along with orchard fruit and subtle spice and herbal nuances.

It is mostly found in the Campania region of Italy, in the volcanic soils surrounding Mount Vesuvius. So if you have ever been on holiday to the Amalfi coast you may have tried this wine there, just like my first experience.

It is now creeping onto the shelves of good wine shops and bars and I can see why. We’re all getting a bit tired of those boring neutral whites and this is the perfect antidote. It is also great for food matching to check out my list below.

The Facts

To pronounce this grape say “Falangeena”. The grapes are quite thick skinned which adds to their resulting texture. For the best sub region where it is produced look for “Beneventano” or “Campi Flegrei”.


Catarratto, Grillo, Fiano

Classic Regions

Italy: Campania

Food Matches

Seafood, clams, paella, pizza, Puttanesca or spicy tomato sauces