Week 48 – Godello

We tasted: El Gato Gordo, Majestic, £11.99

Tasting Notes

Emma says: “Godello isn’t the easiest grape to find so I was really pleased to spot one in the trusty local Majestic. In fact, that is one of the things I’ve enjoyed the most of our 52 Grapes experience, it has made me peek outside the supermarket doors where I work to see what interesting things the others are getting up to.

In recent years Godello has swiftly moved onto my list of reliable party pleaser whites. It has a soft fruit profile which is similar to a cool climate Chardonnay, in its peachy flavours, and it is brisk and fresh giving it ready appeal. The wine I found was pricier than the typical Godello I buy, so I was hoping it would show me that Godello can achieve an extra layer of sophistication above this.

I’m happy to say the wine did really impress me. I was trying to have a “dry” night at home and only planned to have a few sips but that proved really hard work. I love a good Macon Villages and it had a lot of characters reminiscent of that style of wine to me. To start the aroma had a lovely perfume, like orange blossom with a honeyed twist, plus some apricot notes.

To taste it was similar, a mix of fruits from papaya to lemon zest plus some sophistication from a touch of minerality adding a toasty, smoky twist to the finish. I’d seek this one out again as a nice wine to break the rhythm and routine of what I normally drink.

An interesting sub note for geeks, this was from the hilly Bierzo region, a region mostly known for reds, the majority of wines I have tasted from this grape is from the valley area of Valdeorras, Galicia. They are neighbours, but this could account for why it had a particularly good dose of acidity which would come from the higher altitude hilly sites.”

Andy says: “When I first tasted the wine a few days ago, I didn’t really like it and thought that it was another one of those mysterious ‘winey’ whites.

But, tasting again a few days later, it has mellowed out a touch and is better, but it’s still not wowing me. The aroma is a touch too floral for me, and the taste is just a little too much in the limey/sour spectrum for this to be a winner.”

Buying Guide

Godello is a lesser known Spanish white grape coming from North West Spain. It is also known as Gouveio in Portugal. If you are a fan of delicately fruity but soft tasting whites this could be one searching out. It is often a grape that appeals to lovers of unoaked Chardonnay. You may need to look in a specialist wine shop to track this one down.

3 thoughts to “Week 48 – Godello”

  1. Wine – The Cup And Rings Godello Sobre Lias 2015 Monterrai (Majestic £9)
    Bottle says – apple, honey, almonds

    Colour – pale golden

    The aromas to come out of this wine were absolutely fantastic; it was both buttery and smoky, with notes of freshly baked bread, baked apples, honey and saline notes, with a slightly floral and sandy(?) finish.

    After the butteriness, I was expecting a really rich mouthfeel like an oaked Chardonnay, but there’s kind of a gap where you would expect the flavour to be, and what you get really, is just generic fruit ,faintly tasting of oranges and citrus, with a fair amount of acid; amazing smell, but the taste was a little disappointing after the aroma had promised so much.

    It had a clean aftertaste and finish, and would be acceptable as an everyday drinking wine, I guess I was just teased by the aroma into thinking it was something better. I would try this wine again with food.

  2. This week involved an Abad Dom Bueno Godello (unspecified vintage) from Bierzo which I found in Amathus for £12.95.

    It had a medium gold appearance and a rather lovely nose. The scent was of white flowers and honeysuckle, white peach and a hint of tropical fruit (pineapple). There was a strong mineral undertone of chalky stone and maybe, just maybe, a touch of wet wool.

    The palate was dry and medium bodied. There were citrus flavours as well as a bit of a saline twist. The finish was tart and slightly too bitter. It wasn’t as fruit and minerally as the nose suggested and was slightly disappointing.

    Overall, it was a decent alternative white with a good nose but mediocre palate. I’d like to say I’d come back for more, but I think I’d be heading for an Albariño first.

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