What is 52 Grapes?


52 Grapes is intended as an open forum for people to discover and learn about grapes and wine. It started as a tasting challenge in 2018 with a weekly tasting of different grapes across the year. The grape pages are still live so that others can take on this challenge and taste at their own pace. This year we will be supplementing those pages with a few more tastings that contrast the same grape made in different regions or styles.


In 2016, Andy set himself a challenge to try 366 (it was a leap year) different beers. He managed 420. In 2017 the challenge was to have a different cocktail every week. So, having covered beer and spirits, the remaining challenge was obviously grape.

Luckily for Andy, his ever so patient girlfriend Emma is one of only approximately 390 masters of wine in the world. The grape pages are all written by her.

In 2018 Andy and Emma took the shared challenge to taste through the 52 grapes and left a page each week to share their thoughts on each one they tasted. Other members of the site left their comments alongside these pages.

How to get involved?

You can taste your way the 52 grapes at your pace and in any order you chose.

In the “Schedule and Tasting Notes” section you fill find a schedule that guides you on what to buy for each grape. Then a page for each grape we reviewed where you can leave your comments after you taste and read what other members have thought.

When you are tasting each wine you can use the grape pages in “Grapes & Terminology” section that will give you all the information you need about the grape plus food matches and other useful information.

We will keep an eye out for any new comments and will be available for any tips and advice you may ask for.