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Week 50 – Pinot Blanc December 11, 2018 - We tasted: Pinot Blanc 1er Cru Cotes de Grevenmacher, Domaines Vinsmoselle (Luxembourg), Vinoteca, £14.50 Tasting Notes
Week 49 – Cabernet Franc December 5, 2018 - We tasted: Saumur Cabernet Franc, Nicolas, £9 Tasting Notes Emma says: "This week we are
Week 48 – Godello November 28, 2018 - We tasted: El Gato Gordo, Majestic, £11.99 Tasting Notes Emma says: "Godello isn’t the easiest
Week 47 – Gamay November 21, 2018 - We tasted: Beaujolais Nouveau 2018, Marks and Spencer, £8 Tasting Notes Emma says: "I couldn’t help but
Week 46 – Bacchus November 14, 2018 - We tasted: Camel Valley Bacchus 2016, Cornwall, England £14.99 Tasting Notes Emma says: "There are very
Week 45 – Merlot November 7, 2018 - We tasted: Filia de Grand Mayne, M&S, £23 Emma says: "And the big judgement commences. For
Week 44 – Vermentino October 31, 2018 - We tasted: Nord Est Vermentino 2016, Majestic, £9.99 Tasting Notes Emma says: "I was feeling a
Week 43 – Tannat October 24, 2018 - We tasted: Pisano Tannat, M&S, £10 Tasting Notes Emma says: "Today kicked off with a
Week 42 – Furmint October 17, 2018 - We tasted: 2016 Furmint 'F', Tornai (Nagy-Somloi, Hungary) 12.5% Vol £11.95 Vinoteca Tasting Notes Emma says:
Week 41 – Pinotage October 11, 2018 - Tasting Notes We tasted: Houdamond Pinotage, £13, M&S Emma says: I entered this week’s grape tasting